U.S. Power Supply – What should be done?

The United States is required to take action, otherwise the expenses will be a lot higher in the long run. Here are two cents:

renewable energiesImprove public transportation. I don’t know about the average US city, but just where I am, buses tend to be slow, costs are all the time rising and there are a laughably low total number of buses in numerous routes. Once in a while you will be in a position to use public transportation but generally running is faster… If and only if public transportation happens to be a functional alternative to individual transportation, everybody will begin to use it.

Now to the energy supplies.Atomic energy appears to be the safe alternative. Nonetheless, haven’t we been in that position? In previous times, coal was seen as established energy source. Coal is just not renewable, this resource will face its end; neither is nuclear power This source of energy is truly just a way to postpone a real solution. And believe, Uran is also only a limited resource with limited capacities and the demand will be higher than extraction sooner or later.

Why not consider green energy?

For biomass, everything depends on the petrol you use. For example feces might be used. It is undoubtedly largely available and of course will always be there – as long as we are. However, the use of ethanol is a bit more difficult. The big downfall of the US industry we experience right now should be the main theme. Ethanol is derived from organic products, such as plants; watching as the US has fields of corn prepared, corn might be the ideal source of ethanol. Corn is the feed for livestock and resource of one of the most common sweeteners. As soon as you start an additional trade channel for this resource, prices will sky-rocket as it also appeared for other natural products. That is why, biomass cannot be the method of choice!

What about solar energy?! There are several drawbacks of solar power that will make it hard to handle on a large scale: land consumption, efficiency of photovoltaic cells, initial spending and the need for further infrastructure. Nevertheless, two things are much more severe: the sun does not shine all day long and the solar power is exceptionally depending on your geographical localization. So, only a few regions may actually be utilized in the southern part of America. We are able to expect that this is just not enough for a demanding economy and might only be an additional source.

For wind energy, practically an identical argumentation as for solar energy may certainly be used. It is just an illustion that we can making use of wind energy on a bigger scale.

Thanks a lot for checking out! Perhaps you agree or disagree to some arguments – I would enjoy to see your comment!


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