Desktop > Wordpress > Twitter:it works!

Hey everyone! I am just trying out a couple of new tools to make blogging a little easier. And of course, if you just came here from Twitter, everything worked out like a charm! I will shortly explain what I did 🙂

If you also want this very comfortable blogging scheme, follow these steps:

1. Download Windows Live Writer – its free!

2. Login to your blog account and enable XML-RPC. This lets the program actually access your blog.

3. Start Windows Live Writer and login to your account. Fortunately you will not have to do anything, the program will fetch all by itself!

4.  Go to “if this then that”, short and register a new account.

5. In your new account, create a so-called pipe from your wordpress account “if new blog, then” to your twitter account “then post on twitter”. All you have to do is to confirm your accounts on both sites.

Now, ifttt will automatically check every few minutes if you wrote something and post it as a tweet. Both tools are just invaluable resources if you have an “online life”.

a+, Cécile 🙂

PS.: you can follow me on twitter at my channel @cecilegatu


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