Static Caching and Wordpress – the quest for Speed

Yesterday I have seen that it is possible to use static caching for a content-management-driven site: link. I think that this is a nice technology that deserves much attention. Why? Static sites are fast.

Of course my main concern is in the promotion of science and all of its benefits to society. However, if you make a website that is slow, how should people believe that you get your stuff together in the lab if you cannot even get a nice little webserver working for you? Luckily, this blog is hosted on wordpress and so all of these technical things are taken care of in a very nice manner. The reason is simply that the server is optimized for the special task to support a lot of wordpress blogs.

Nevertheless, if you are on shared hosting, you will not have such a lucky situation. Basically, the php and database calls will kill you and you can speak of a good day if your website is only a little laggy. Then, static caching is a very decent alternative because any webserver, even ten year old celeron will blast out pages with an extremely low latency.

Of course, such a scheme as described in the link does only work if you have access to the server using ftp or ssh. It gets really bad if you are on a kind of blogging platform as hubmesh since there you don’t have any control over anything and the site might just lag badly, as Wyatt told me some time ago.

In the end I am very proud to be here on WordPress since I have all the positive effects of a fast server-side delivery and a great user-friendly content management system in the back – I don’t have to go the static route!

All the best

Cécile 🙂


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